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Las Olas Mar y Sol

About Las olas mar y sol

General Description

Las Olas Mar y Sol is a luxurious beachfront development located in the Playas de Tijuana area of Rosarito, Baja California. It primarily features condominiums, which are modern and spacious, designed to offer stunning ocean views. The development offers exclusive beach access, allowing residents direct entry to the sandy shores.

Development Highlights

Las Olas Mar y Sol exudes an air of luxury and tranquility, making it ideal for those seeking a serene, high-end beachfront lifestyle. The development’s design and amenities are centered around maximizing the enjoyment of its oceanfront location.

  • Safety and Security: The luxurious nature of the neighborhood suggests a focus on secure living.

Local Amenities

The development is equipped with essential amenities, including swimming pools, jacuzzis, and a gym.

Recreational Facilities

Residents have access to swimming pools and a gym within the complex. The beachfront location also allows for various water-based activities.

Restaurants & Shopping

Nearby Rosarito offers a range of dining and shopping options, with local establishments providing a diverse culinary experience.


    Accessibility & Transportation

    Distance to the Border and to Major Areas

    Las Olas Mar y Sol is conveniently located about 30 minutes south of San Diego and close to downtown Rosarito.

    Public Transportation

    Specific details on public transportation aren’t provided, but the close proximity to major areas suggests good accessibility.